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Olive Wood Bowl

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Olive wood bowls : "simple, elegant and affordable".

They are made by cutting, hollowing, turning, and sanding the ancient wood. 

Each bowl is hand carved from a single piece o

f olive wood.

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A wood bowl is a joy to hold and feel, the best part of using wood bowls is seeing people enjoy the beauty of the wood and the form that make a special connection to nature.

Our bowls are perfect for salad, fruit, nuts, sauce, cheese and more...

These bowls are not only made for serving food, they are also used as a decoration for your dining table.

Different diametres :

  • 21cm / 8,26"
  • 22cm / 8,66"
  • 23cm / 9,05"
  • 24cm / 9,44"
  • 25cm / 9,85"

Laser engraving:

After choosing your product and for only "5$", you can customize it with a laser engraving in order to make it more exceptional.


Once a month, with a paper towel, rub smoothly your product using olive oil, peanut or sunflower, soak the paper in the oil and with a fine movement of the hand spread out the Paper over the entire surface of the product.

International deliveries:

  • United States: Delivery from 5 to 6 Days. 
  • Canada: Delivery from 5 to 6 Days. 
  • United Kingdom: Delivery from 3 to 5 Days. 
  • Russia: Delivery from 3 to 5 Days. 
  • Europe: Delivery from 3 to 5 Days. 
  • Australia: Delivery from 5 to 6 Days.
  • Everywhere else: It depends of the destination country.
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