Our workshop

The art of olive wood

.In my workshop, I start by making the larger objects, like the bowls, games of chess sets, boards, claiming a first quality wood.

. Subsequently, to not lose the olive wood, I shape various objects like for example: forks, spoons, knives, etc... until only a tiny piece of wood which I used to plug various slots or defects

The owner


Our olive wood products are 100% handmade.

- The natural veins of olive wood make each item a unique piece. In addition, our items are not varnished.
- The treatment of our products in olive wood is made based on a mixture specific to us which is a secret of manufacture to give them an unequaled brilliance.


Our products in olive wood are unique because of the rarity, but also by the purity they are of an incomparable beauty.

Take one of our olive wood products, dampen a cloth with olive oil, and you will see.
Brightness, refinement, excellence, quality of our products are 100% handmade, a true miracle of nature and our know-how

"The olive tree, the tree that crosses time"