• The olive wood :

  • A natural product.

The olive wood is very compact, very resistant and very strong. Its exceptional hardness requires a certain know-how and specific tools.
Il est plus ou moins clair, ses veines sont irrégulières et lui confèrent toute sa noblesse une fois fini et poli.
It is more or less clear, its veins are irregular and give it all its nobility once finished and polished.
Olive wood is a living material, which is known to be immortal. Olive wood is a very healthy and very noble natural product.
Olive wood is a wood of great strength

  • The characteristics of olive wood.

The hygienic characteristics of olive wood are very rare, it can be used in the kitchen. Very compact, it has few pores: that is why it is very suitable in the kitchen as at home, It does not break and, coated with olive oil or peanut, it does not absorb Neither liquids, bacteria, nor bad odors.
Each piece of olive wood is unique in its design of veining.

Le bois d'olivier

  •  The olive wood :

  • A strong wood.

It is a hard wood, which allows to have several types of products for example (cutting boards, salad bowl, kitchen utensils ...), boards of all sizes, cheese trays, mortars, which can be used daily In your kitchen and your home.