• The process of Manufacture of olive wood products::

  • The process:

Olive wood is extremely hard to work because of its hardness and natural fibers.
The wood of the olive tree is appreciated for its veins which grant an aesthetic specificity to certain cooking utensils. Its solidity and endurance in the heat are recognized by many sculptors.
First of all, you have to find quality trees, because as you know, olive wood is very special. The more the olive tree is old in its texture, the more rich it is, which explains the beauty of this magical and mystical tree 
I begin by storing the raw olive wood in a dry place,
Depending on the size of the tree trunks, I start my work..
The first step is the manufacture of the largest products such as salad bowls, bowls, which demand a lot of raw material.
Then begins the manufacture of products increasingly smaller ex: (kitchen utensils, mortars and pestles ....)
Then, for the finishing I use woodworking tools such as (wood chisels, sander,saw ...), but also, I myself have made tools that make my work easier.